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2009-01-07 05:16:46 by DrDIL

Lunar Sunset is liek awesome. 8D

Deleted moar shitty tracks.

: also, cocks

Cleaning stuff up.

2008-07-12 05:24:47 by DrDIL

Just deleted 46 old shitty tracks.

Also, I learned how to sidechain and lately my crap is green.

that is all

hellos to chim, meneldil

The E EP

2008-05-22 13:17:24 by DrDIL

yeah, I'm releasing an EP at TF Records. it's a netlabel.

Track list:

1. Kryszta%u0142owy wodospad (Crystal Waterfall) [Chillout]
2. Thunder [House]
3. Tzachitx remix [Circus Dance]
4. ARiP2 remix [Trancecore]




2008-03-09 07:23:36 by DrDIL

...i'll probably add some of my better songs soon.

And I won't delete my older crap. Because no. >:P

Expect some trance previews or something from me soon. I got ze full FL version, lots of new stuff (some from chim ;) greetz2u) etc. :L


2007-12-01 13:20:31 by DrDIL

Hey. ;)

Some of you may remember me if you lurked around the Audio Portal a few months before.

So, I'm back.

Be sure to check out Cosmic Explosion and Electric Fire! ;D

Also... What kind of song should I do next?

a) more techno
b) DnB/breakbeat
c) something else (specify what)